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Our American Girl Adventure

For Claire’s fourth birthday, her grandparents gave her a brand new baby doll, and she named her Rose. Baby Rose is an American Girl Doll. Normally, when I tell people this, I get one of three possible reactions: They either look at me with a blank stare, swoon while gasping, or they go pale and get a slight twitch.

To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what an American Girl Doll was. I seemed to remember someone telling me about how his daughter was obsessed with her little look-alike doll, and how the doll’s clothing and paraphernalia threatened to take over his house. I have younger friends who tried to school me in the importance of an American Doll and how great their relationships with their very own dolls were. I’ve had mothers of older daughters share their stories of mother-daughter bonding.

…but, to be honest, I didn’t give it much thought.  I mean, it’s just a doll, right?  It’s not like we’re going to become obsessed.  (Do you hear that?  Is that ominous music playing?  I’m sure it’s nothing…)

Baby Rose was a huge hit, and because Claire’s November birthday is perfectly poised as a jumping off point for Christmas, Claire and Baby Rose didn’t have to wait long for all the added necessities that come when there’s a new baby in the house.

It was all so cute, I could hardly stand it. A crib, matching outfits, and way too many teeny-tiny super-cute shoes later, I understood the people who swooned and the people who started to twitch.

For the record, PaPa and Grandma started this, and Santa is an enabler.

That being said, Claire and Baby Rose had some gift money threatening to burn a hole in the pockets of their matching outfits, so we decided to do some shopping. Imagine my surprise at finding that Colorado didn’t have an American Girl Store! We had to shop via catalog or online only!?

I know that e-commerce is where things are headed, but there is just something magical about getting to hold something before you buy it. Getting to see something in person and look over all your choices is a great experience. I even called the company to see if they’d made a mistake by not including Colorado on their map of store locations. They hadn’t. We were out of luck.

Until now…

Last weekend (Saturday, March 27th, and Sunday, March 28th) the brand new American Girl store opened just south of Denver in Park Meadows! This is American Girl’s eighth store, and will be the only one in Colorado. Claire and I (along with Claire’s Baby Rose) had the incredible opportunity to check it out in VIP style on Sunday.