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Product Review: Oprah magazine-recommended Ambajam’s clothing & accessories (with discount)

I decided to take a field trip this month for my product review. I have been scouting local children’s stores to get ideas for Colorado-based companies, and my recent trip to The Nest on 6th Ave had a plethora of very cool local products. It was hard to pick just one, but I gathered my list and hit the Internet when I got home. It was a no-brainer who I picked first, Ambajam. When I found out the studio was right here in Denver, it seemed to mesh well with the field trip theme this month.

Hank the Tank and I headed to the Taxi Development where Ambajam’s studios are located. It was simply precious from the moment we walked in—from the cutest wall decals to adorable children stopping by, owner and founder Alessandra Mayer has got something very special going on! Her products are truly unique, made from the heart and original.

Ambajam was created the way many companies are created, to put a product out there that people simply weren’t able to buy. As a child, Alessandra received a handmade quilt from her Godmother that she always treasured and wanted to do the same as a Godmother herself. Four years later, Alessandra has over a dozen products. She stocks modern-day versions of the cherished child’s quilt from yesteryear (made by her Godmother and mother), accessory pouches for moms on the go, t-shirts and onesies, hooded towels with adorable embroidered images, belts and