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Alice’s 36 Hours for Kids Radiothon – Children’s Miracle Network

On February 17-19, 2010, Denver listeners will again be captivated and moved by the incredible stories of hope and triumph that will be featured on Alice 105.9. For three days, Alice will break from their usual format and broadcast live from the lobby of The Children’s Hospital in an effort to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network. Patients and their families will share their powerful stories about the care and treatment that they have received at The Children’s Hospital. Listeners will feel inspired to call in and share their own stories and experiences. This is guaranteed to be the most compelling and moving radio you have ever heard.

Alice’s 36 Hours for Kids is instrumental in raising funds and communicating the miracles that take place each day at The Children’s Hospital. During the 36-hour event, listeners are urged to call in and make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network. Over the last nine years, this incredible event has raised more than $9 million for Children’s Miracle Network. Don’t miss this year as we hear more remarkable stories from The Children’s Hospital and try to raise over $1 million in just 36 hours!

The families who share their experiences will touch your heart and make you proud to be a supporter of Alice and Children’s Miracle Network.

Donations can be made by calling 1-800-458-KIDS (5437) from 6am to 6pm Wednesday the 17th through Friday the 19th or anytime during this three day period at