A Bold Prediction for Adoptive Families

What does the Berlin Wall have to do with original birth certificates? What should today's Elites learn from history? And my shocking prediction for people involved in adoption.

Strength Baby Strength

Formalities first. The phone hasn’t rung. We’ve received zero emails. Nothing. No news. Nada. How does that make us feel? Don’t really want to talk about it. Or think about it really. It just is. There’s nothing we can do to speed it up or force the issue. And so life as we know it goes on. Most of the time, it goes on very happily. And during the times where it’s not so happy, we gain more strength in the now. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pregnant woman choosing a family to raise your child? Ever wonder what it’s like to carry a little one for 9 months, knowing that you won’t comb her hair or brush his teeth or walk, hand in hand, through parking lots? I never did until we met dude’s birth mom. Until we started meeting strong peo...