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Win Tickets to Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women

**CONTEST CLOSED. Congratulations to Rachel Lucero, winner of the Girls Only tickets. Thank you to all who entered!**

I went in seeking redemption.

The last time I invited my friend, Kim, to live theater, it was to Puppetry of the Pen!s several years ago. Did you see that? It was the most awful waste of time and money (with the possible exceptions of Windows Vista and The Road to Wellville) I have ever endured. I was quite surprised that Kim agreed to see another show of my choosing.

It needed to be good.

Kim and I were guests of the Denver Center Attractions’ presentation of Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women at the Garner Galleria Theater.

My expectations were high (so was my trepidation). I’d heard great things about this show (ditto for Puppetry). Perhaps I was suffering from the theatre version of PTSD — Post Traumatic Show Disorder.

I should mention at this point the unfairer sex. While men are not proHIBited from attending (there was one lone guy sitting in front of me), there is really very little of interest to a male. Girls Only is not sexy or lurid or terribly revealing, skin-wise. And really, boys, we are NOT taking about you. Attending would be, for a man, like being a fly on the wall at a baby shower or a slumber party – better in theory than in reality.

Not to mention that BOTH restrooms are Ladies Rooms. Woohoo! Although I was a little freaked out at intermission when I ended up in a room with urinals.

On with the show. The stage is a pink girl’s bedroom, circa early 1980s, as evidenced by the Shaun Cassidy poster. As Kim and I settled into our seats 10 minutes before curtain, the actresses were already on stage. In their bras and panties (dissecting rather than evoking Victoria’s Secret catalogs). This led Kim and me to discuss just what it would take for US to get on a stage in front of other women in our undies. We lamented our bodies’ shortcomings — cellulite and pooches — not to mention the special, uh, grooming that may or may not be necessary.