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I am aware of how to make babies–thanks so much for asking!

Join us in welcoming our guest blogger, Melissa. This photographer extraordinaire for hire claims to be a semi-normal person who is surrounded by crazy people (namely her two daughters). This also means she will fit right in at MHM! She can be found blogging at The Howell Herald.

When I read Gretchen’s post I Didn’t Have My Children to Make the Polar Bears Weep wherein she recounts people’s rude comments concerning her many children, it caused me to think of the opposite problem. Namely, rude comments people make to couples with no children.

For example, “So, when are you two gonna start having kids?â€? As though it were as easy as going to the 7-11 and buying a Slurpee.

I think people who have no problem having kids can sometimes be very insensitive to those who have none. The people you so carelessly and casually questioned may have been trying for years to have children, but with no success.

They may have gone through in-vitro several times,