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So Like Dad

My husband Bryan has always been a conscientious objector. Not so much in the political way, but more in that he just likes to do things differently than everyone else. Everyone says yes? He says no. They turn right, he goes off the path entirely and finds a whole new route. At first, it was unsettling and almost made me walk away from the relationship. But I came to realize that someone who thinks a little differently than the crowd is a force to be reckoned with. And certainly *never* boring.

Enter Declan. At nearly 6, he is absolutely a mix of both of us. Both physically and emotionally.

But he never was more like his father on this day, a few weeks ago, when Bryan picked him up from summer camp.

Declan: “We were all playing Animal Club again today.” [He and his friends had been doing “Animal Club” for about a week, where each kid was a different animal, assigned by their leader, who – as Declan described it – seemed to be very much LARGE AND IN CHARGE.]

Bryan: “Oh yeah? How was it?”

Declan: “Not so good. I got kicked out of the club.”