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Viral video: Allie the dog teaches baby to jump

Need a chuckle this Monday morning? Over the weekend, this video of Dakota the Border Collie pouncing on baby Alexis’ shadow as she hangs in her Jolly Jumper has wracked up millions of views. Seeing how it’s done, the baby then tries to copy her pet friend — and the duo are soon hopping along […]

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Denver police warn parents how to watch out for marijuana candy

With Halloween fast approaching, Colorado citizens are in a unique position in the country–watching our kid’s candy for marijuana edibles. The Denver Police Department cautions that marijuana edibles can be literally identical to their name-brand counterparts.  The video features the owner of Urban Dispensary, Patrick Johnson, talking about telling the difference between actual candy and […]

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"You poked my heart" cute kid video goes viral

In the latest kids-say-the-darndest things on YouTube, three young children argue whether it’s “raining” or “sprinkling.”  The boy becomes increasingly frustrated until the culmination around the 1:30 mark when the girl emphasizes her point by poking the boy’s chest. Here’s the thing, kids: you’re all correct. I’m thinking their next weather report should be a […]

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"Xmas Jammies" family returns with viral back-to-school video

The family that became a viral sensation in their “Xmas jammies” is back with their new back-to-school outfits. Penn and Kim Dean Holderness and their two kids put together a hilarious video set to the tune of  Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby got back.” In the YouTube description, they dedicate the video to “…All the teachers, bus […]

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