How you know you’re a Colorado mom

“There’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” We generally bristle at stereotypes but Dude Dad, a Colorado-based actor/comedian. has some funny Colorado mom-isms that make us proud to be Mile High Mamas! 

Field of Dreams: How this Colorado town’s football field brought a nation together

Until recently, the Branson, Colorado Bearcats football team had largely gone unnoticed by most of the world. That was until a group of opposing coaches refused to play in Branson anymore— because of their field. The coaches were worried that their players would get hurt on what’s been described as the worst football field in America with gopher holes and snake holes. You see, Branson is a stone’s throw away from New Mexico in the high-low plains that gets very little precipitation so maintaining a grass field is just not possible.  So, the team needed a new turf field. Problem is, they didn’t have a few hundred thousand dollars laying around to pay for it. The Branson School District is one of the poorest in the state, with more than half of its students qualifying for free or ...

Humor: “This Year Is A Dumpster Fire” Billy Joel Parody

Buckle up, we still have two months to go. This is officially the weirdest year ever but my gosh, the Holderness Family reminds us of all that we have survived! 

Halloween Yoga for when you feel dead inside

Are you overwhelmed and dispirited by the sheer demands of Halloween? As moms, we give a lot of ourselves in October. It’s hard work to put up a huge Halloween yard display and make creative family costumes during a pandemic. Do yourselves a favor and carve out a few minutes for yourself today to do this lovely adaptable and gentle flow with Adriene that will make you feel a little lighter today.  Check out their full playlist of Halloween themed Yoga practices here.

Childhood flying by too fast? Taylor Swift’s new Christmas song will give you all the feels

The holidays are here and every year it feels like our holiday traditions feel more and more bittersweet as our kids grow older. That’s why Taylor Swift’s new Christmas video is hitting parents right in the feels. The video for her new track, “Christmas Tree Farm,” opens with Swift in a car, heading home for the holidays. In black and white footage, she somberly sings about stress, holiday traffic, and her overscheduled celebrity life. But then the tempo shifts and Swift slaps us with candy cane nostalgia: we are treated to home videos of Swift as a toddler, enjoying the simple pleasures of winter and Christmas fun.

Humor: Millennial Dads vs. Baby Boomer Dads

YouTube comedians Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad and Myles Montplaisir of You Betcha are on a mission to bring more laughter into the world, and they’re doing just that with a new clip that’s going viral. In the wake of the world discovering that Gen Z has a major beef with their grandparents’ generation, the Baby Boomers, Calmus and Montplaisir decided to illustrate another generational divide. Now that many Millennials are parents themselves, the way they’re raising their kids looks quite a bit different from the way they were raised by their Boomer parents. In “Millennial Dads vs. Baby Boomer Dads,” Calmus plays a Millennial dad (probably not unlike himself) who says no to McDonald’s (gotta avoid GMOs!), imaginatively turns a...

Parents are ugly-crying over Michael Bublé’s ‘Forever Now Video

The days can be long but the years are short. Our kids are growing up quickly and Michael Bublé video for his song “Forever Now” has parents everywhere in tears.  Sometimes, it’s the tiniest triggers that make us weepy about how quickly our kids grow up — a tiny baby sock, an empty crib, a child’s bedroom. The music video was published on YouTube March 1, but as droves of parents send their kids back to school or off to college, it has resurfaced all over social media and currently has 4.5+ million views. The video opens to an empty bedroom. Slowly, it fills with moving boxes, then a crib, a chair, a dresser — a beautiful little nursery.

Hilarious spoof on what moms are like goes viral

Just how “mom” are you? Trey Kennedy, a comedian with a knack for creating hilarious videos, recently did a spoof on what moms are actually like that will make kids, teens and parents chuckle. He shared the clip — which is appropriately titled “Moms”— on his Facebook page, and it instantly went viral. How many of his spoofs apply to you?

The Boy and the Piano: Some gifts are more than a gift

Sometimes, a gift is more than just a gift. John Lewis & Partners released a Christmas commercial starring Elton John. Titled “The Boy and the Piano,” this year’s story “is about the power of a gift,” the company said in a statement. “And how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little boy’s life. The film begins in present day and works backwards chronologically through Elton’s life right until the moment on Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.”morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.

TEDxMileHigh Talk on Affordable Natural Outdoor Playgrounds for Preschoolers

A TEDx talk by a Colorado expert on how outdoor play for preschool children enhances learning and has lasting health benefits of outdoor play. In the 12-minute talk, Sarah Konradi speaks as a parent, landscape architect and director of the National Wildlife Federation’s Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) Initiative, ECHO is renovating more than two dozen outdoor spaces at Colorado child care centers, preschools and public spaces to engage youngsters in outdoor play in nature. The average child spends only seven minutes in unstructured outdoor play every day.  Konradi discusses the health problems, including obesity and stress, in today’s preschool age children that reflect the lack of daily outdoor play. “Many of those health problems can be prevente...

Humor: Time to put away Fortnite for school!

Are you ready for your kids’ Fortnite addiction to end? The Holderness family took a hilarious route with their frustrations by parodying the Black Eyed Pea’s pump-up song “I Got a Feeling” in a now-viral video. Of course, they swapped out some of the words to poke fun at their Fortnite–addicted offspring. In typical Holderness family fashion, the song is really catchy and any parent who has had to turn off the game on their kids after hours of playing can totally relate. The parents touch on how all-encompassing the game can be, describing the “ring of junk food around the rug” that magically appears and the fact that their kids become so engrossed in winning that they only take “seven steps” in a day. But the kicker? In all his effort...

New movie “Tully” is for sleepless moms everywhere!

As a mother who had a colicky, sleepless newborn, I relate to Charlize Theron’s movie “Tully” on an deep level. Baby crying. Middle-of-the-night wake-ups. A rocking chair. Pacing the floor for hours. Mothers unite! And when morning finally comes and baby is at rest, mom’s exhausted fingers drop a smartphone smack on sleeping baby, and Groundhog Day starts over. The ad proclaims “This is a story about motherhood in 2018” but everything looks about to change by the end of the trailer, when Theron’s character opens the door to a woman named Tully (Mackenzie Davis) who proclaims “I’m here to take care of you.” Maybe her Fairy Godmother? All I know is I can’t wait to see “Tully” when it opens in theaters on April...

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