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East High students will step on sage advice

Teenagers often have a habit of gazing at their feet, so the refurbishing of East High School’s entrance will toss some education into the mix with paving stones that bear famous quotations. In a few months, East’s 2,400 students will be able to walk, chew gum and learn at the same time — as long […]

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Mickey and Donald were not college roommates

One of my sons wants to be a plumber at Disneyland when he grows up. That’s a very specific job. Does the Happiest Place on Earth have in-house uncloggers? Probably. With thousands of mouse-earred visitors a day, the pipes and drains of the park must be tremendously strained. Because we want to show our son […]

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Teenage daughters vex Dad

Having raised teenage girls, studied them and even having written a book about them, I still don’t know what they are for. My suspicion is that teenage daughters are a father’s punishment for having once been a teenage boy. This doesn’t seem fair to me, but then again, my concept of the word “fair” may […]

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Girl World Tour for moms and tweens/teens

This post comes with a giveaway. Read to the bottom for info and to enter. No parent wants to raise a mean girl. The author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, the book on which the film Mean Girls was based, wants to help Denver-area moms and their daughters navigate more easily through the tween and […]

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Grand Theft Childhood

So much of parenting entails thwarting. I must thwart my toddler’s attempts to travel staircases and wade in toilets. I do this with gates, latches, and other inventions meant to keep small children safe and properly frustrated. I take away the cordless phone, which is often left on a low table. Everyone knows a story […]

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Children's Hospital Free Parenting Seminar Schedule

Two years ago, my husband and I were in the throes woes of potty training our potty-training-challenged daughter. We had tried everything and were at the end of our ropes. That is when we heard about the Children’s Hospital’s free parenting seminars that include everything from toddler to the teen-age years. Please note the 2009 […]

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