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Colorado Mom on a 'kidproof' Mission

It can be a scary world out there for kids and their parents, but thanks to a new company, Kidproof Colorado, strides are being made to ease the stress. Kidproof, a household name in Canada, is now America’s leading provider of child safety education classes according to Megan Galgano, owner of Kidproof Colorado. Galgano, a […]

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Spring 2011 Consignment Sale Schedule!

  • 21 Feb, 2011
  • 8

Twice a year, Mile High Mamas does a round-up detailing Colorado’s popular children’s consignment sales. And for the third season in a row, Tracey Gifford saved the day. The proud mother of two elementary-age boys is the owner of the Just Between Friends sale in Denver and offered to compile this year’s schedule for me. […]

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Cupid needs a diaper change and a nap

Legend says Santa hits white sand beaches on December 26, a well-earned reward for the hard work of gifting the world with knick knacks and board games and electronic book readers. What does Cupid do the day after Valentine’s Day? Is he smugly thrusting his fat baby toes into sand on a pristine shore? I […]

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What is your family's love language?

My husband Jamie and I are different. Sure, in many ways we think alike, have the same interests and similar methodology with raising our children. But we go about life very differently. He is low-key. Methodical. Wise. I am not. One of the areas in which we are most different is how we need to […]

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How to recognize depression in teens

Many of us were moved by our recent guest blogger Casey’s story about depression and overdose while pregnant. She was so brave to share her story with the world so that could help others. I co-own a company that does health education research (and multimedia development around the research – that’s where I come in) […]

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School effort aims to engage parents

Much of the talk around educational reform has focused on the role teachers play in students lives, all but ignoring another big player: parents. One Denver high school is changing that narrative, creating a multi-school system that empowers parents with the goal of getting more students into college. Antonio Esquibel, principal of Abraham Lincoln High […]

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Are tween girls' costume options a soft-porn horror show?

“What should I be?” I overheard one girl asking another in a costume store recently. I’m an eavesdropper, and this conversation was well worth following. So, in all my middle-aged invisibility, I lingered as the pair of middle-schoolers contemplated their choices for Halloween. These were tweens with braces and eyeliner — young enough to fit […]

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Mama Drama: Staying Connected to Our Kids

Dear Mama Drama: My children and I are so busy. Between work, school, activities and life, I feel like I am just not connected to them like I was when they were little. How can I find time to stay involved in their lives? ~Disconnected Mama (photo credit) Dear Disconnected: The connection we have with […]

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