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How to talk to your kids about porn

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you extra money, they help us keep this site up and running. See our disclosure policy.  Our kids are spending more time online than ever these days and between social isolation, sexuality, curiosity, and then added to that, the fact that porn is just […]

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Sexual assault: 4 things your child might say

Most children who are sexually assaulted by someone that they love, rely on, trust or need never tell anyone while the abuse is happening. However, there are many children who do try to tell. They try to tell through their affect, their behavior and the hints that they drop. Who commits child sexual assault? 1 […]

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Protecting our girls from unwanted male attention

“Early experiences of male sexual aggression are maybe one of the most reliable rites of passage for female children,” observes Moira Donegan in The Guardian. “It’s more common than any of the other rituals that signal impending adulthood, more universal than the bat mitzvahs, or quinceañeras, or sweet sixteen parties, or proms. By the time […]

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The troubling new trend for Denver kids since the pandemic

Since the pandemic, some Denver-area juvenile courts are seeing fewer kids in courtrooms, but a troubling new trend has risen instead — the courts are seeing more kids charged with violent crimes like aggravated assault or robbery. They’re also seeing spikes in domestic violence among youth, and gang activity. “We’re getting some really, really tough […]

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Digital Binging — Is It A Problem?

Understandably most young people are on screens a ton right now. Thank goodness there are all sorts of great things made possible via screen time.  But, what are the potential costs of loads of certain screen time activities on their brain health and mood?  Are there ways to implement changes to their tech time that […]

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