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People Share Rules for Screens and Sleep

Recently a group of eighth-graders was discussing Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER, and a few of them told the teacher how surprised to learn in the film that almost 40% of teens with mobile devices in their room report that they wake up and check it at least once a night. Many of you have kids or teens […]

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20 Best Places to Go Sledding in Colorado

Colorado’s winter started early this year so when the snow flies, consider seeking out a sled at one of these locations for some old-fashioned fun. There are myriad of sledding hills–some public, some secret. Here are a handful of favorite sports. Some offer sled rentals: others are BYOS. These are the best sledding hills all over Colorado. […]

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Emotional Risks and Real-life Consequences of Online Life

Recently at a screening at a school of Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER, the principal told me she had a group of boys who were posting inappropriate things about each other on social media. When she told the boys that this could come back to haunt them—i.e., things can last forever on the internet—they responded:  “Yeah, we hear […]

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