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My Little Butterfly Murderer: Coming Soon to Dateline

My daughter Hadley’s butterfly obsession began last summer when my parents bought her a butterfly net and book. She was not quick enough to capture even one. That’s why I wasn’t too surprised when she announced she wanted a butterfly kit for Christmas. It seemed like a brilliant strategy: if you can’t catch ‘em, why […]

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How to Teach Your Teen About Investing and Trading

Do you want to teach your kids how to manage their money while also learning about investing and trading? We’ve teamed up with ‘Teach Me Wall Street,’ which makes online learning fun with their Summer Finance Boot-Camps for middle and high school students that focus on Trading, Investing, the Stock Market,  Business and Personal Finance […]

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Don't Miss These Funny Adventures in Babysitting!

I can’t remember what I charged for babysitting back in The Dark Ages when I was a teen but it certainly wasn’t anywhere close to the going rate for babysitters in Denver (thank heavens my kids are teens and childcare is no longer an issue). When my daughter turned The Age of Responsibility a.k.a. 12ish, […]

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How to support your kids making big decisions

Major life decisions are tough. Major life decisions during a pandemic and while feeling burned out are even tougher. My daughter is a senior in high school and is struggling with all the big questions about what to do post-graduation. Truthfully, how many of us really knew what we wanted to do when we were […]

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