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Cell phones are getting out of schools, thanks to you

Thanks to all of the changemakers working to create learning environments free from cell phone distractions, so many great things are happening in our schools. I want to tell you about real-life examples inspired by Screenagers’, last week’s USA Today article about it, and some new resources on But first, a huge shout […]

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Ways to manage screen time this summer

Summer break is here and many of us are looking forward to having a little more free time. Youth will have more time to breathe and explore their interests beyond school, but so often downtime becomes screen time. Summer’s wide open time spans can heighten battles over technology use. Here are some ideas for managing […]

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How to prepare for "13 Reasons Why" Season 2

The second season of Netflix’s controversial show “13 Reasons Why” airs Friday, May 18. When the show premiered last March, the first season’s handling of heavy subject matter around sexual assault, depression, and suicide really upset parents (including me), principals, school counselors, youth and many others. With the second season, Netflix is offering some resources […]

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5 Homework strategies in the digital age from Screenagers

One of the hardest things in parenting is helping kids stay focused while doing homework because of all the internal distractions, like dread of working on certain tasks, or the desire to check in with friends, and the many external technological distractions that live right on the same device they are using for homework. In […]

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YouTube Kids Releasing App Moderated by Humans

Has the Facebook privacy scandal made you even more wary of the time your kids spend online? YouTube Kids was created to make parents feel safe about what their kids are watching but recent news coverage his shed a light on often-inappropriate content that makes its way through the problem. Additionally, a Business Insider investigation revealed that […]

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Are you training for the BIG conversations?

What feels like both yesterday and a long time ago my daughter was in 2nd grade, and a friend was being mean to her. In my quest to support her I discovered “Little Girls Can Be Mean” by Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert. That book taught me the importance of connecting with my daughter – […]

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