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Fortnite and the Downside of Loot Boxes

Prince Harry recently shared his major concern with video gaming and Fortnite in particular. At an event at the YMCA in London, he said game companies are working “to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible.” He spoke about having friends who are struggling with their children over the game. […]

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Middle School: The hardest years for screen time

There is no question in my mind that, on average, the most challenging years to parent around screen time is in middle school. It can take a caregiver on a brutal emotional rollercoaster ride. Three years ago, researchers at Arizona State University published a study in Developmental Psychology where they surveyed more than 2,200 mothers […]

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How to say “no” effectively

There are so many reasons why for many youth screen time has crowded out activities and interactions that would benefit them—in other words, why they are experiencing excessive screen time. One of the reasons is the inner discomfort that many parents (and teachers) feel from saying “no” to their children and teens. Saying no and […]

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How Much Time on a Device Should Your Kid Have? Part II

Medical and academic professionals agree that excessive screen time for children is unhealthy, for several reasons. In recent studies, psychologists have observed that too much screen time, in fact, is dangerous for kids. Excessive screen time has led to unhealthy attachments to technology. The overuse of devices and technology have been linked to impairing the […]

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Cell phones are getting out of schools, thanks to you

Thanks to all of the changemakers working to create learning environments free from cell phone distractions, so many great things are happening in our schools. I want to tell you about real-life examples inspired by Screenagers’, last week’s USA Today article about it, and some new resources on But first, a huge shout […]

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