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Emotional Risks and Real-life Consequences of Online Life

Recently at a screening at a school of Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER, the principal told me she had a group of boys who were posting inappropriate things about each other on social media. When she told the boys that this could come back to haunt them—i.e., things can last forever on the internet—they responded:  “Yeah, we hear […]

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Creating Video Games for Bonding

This week in the clinic, one of the wonderful medical assistants was saying how she was looking forward to getting home that night for the weekly extended family dinner and video game night — primarily Mario Kart. Generally, there are about ten adults and kids that converge, and given that only six people can play […]

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New movie helps young people thrive in our screen and stress-filled world

From the director of SCREENAGERS: Growing Up in the Digital Age comes Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience and is about helping young people thrive in our screen and stress-filled world. Filmmaker and physician Delaney Ruston uses a personal lens and professional eye to help parents flip the script on stress, anxiety, and depression. We follow […]

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Major Win for Smart Screen Time

Facebook and Instagram told The Telegraph newspaper earlier this month that they would ban images that promote or glamorize eating disorders, particularly photos that promote self-harm.  The social media giant issued a statement in February saying it had consulted experts about online safety and self-harm. “First, these experts unanimously reaffirmed that Facebook should allow people […]

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20+ Podcasts for Family Summer Car Trips

I have been an avid podcast listener for the past 15 years. I primarily listen when I exercise or on car rides with the family. Long ago when I was in medical school, I would listen to audio tapes on medicine topics while running. Summer is here and podcasts are perfect for road trips with […]

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Summer RESET: Tons of technology management tips

Youth will have more time to breathe and explore their interests beyond school, but so often downtime becomes screen time. Summer’s wide open time spans can heighten battles over technology use. This is the perfect time to revisit your family rules and see what’s working and what’s not and come up with summer guidelines. So often […]

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