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Boost your workout with these fitness apps that help your workout and keep you safe

Here’s another thing your smartphone can do: help improve your workout. Yes, there’s an app for that. Many, many apps. Apps that track calories burned and calories consumed, time your intervals, coach meditation sessions and yoga poses, galvanize your running routine and raise money for charity by tracking your mileage. Emily Schromm, a Denver-based personal […]

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Top tech toys for the holidays 2014

This year at Mile High Mamas, we opted to forgo an official toy guide because really, who has time to cut through the clutter to figure out what’s hot and what’s not? However, since my husband is a technology guy and doesn’t like anything valued under $100, by default, I’ve been browsing a lot of […]

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Free kids' coding classes (for ages 4 to 104) to highlight Computer Science Education Week

A national effort to get kids interested in coding goes local starting Dec. 8, as Adams County’s Anythink library system hosts an “hour of code” at facilities to coincide with Computer Science Education Week. Anythink partnered with, the nonprofit that wants to put computer science classes in every school. Last year, the organization’s Hour […]

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Special needs technology event will connect parents

A devastating accident left Alice Brouhard’s 5-year-old daughter Kara legally blind and paralyzed on one side. But today, the now-33-year-old lives in her own house, using inexpensive iPad apps with voice prompts to get through the day. Alice and four other Colorado families who bonded because of their special-needs children want to share the knowledge. […]

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Sesame Street introduces half-hour-long program

It’s a sign of the times: PBS will introduce a half-hour version of “Sesame Street” in September. Today’s busy preschoolers have no time to waste. For those accustomed to mobile, digital entertainment, an hour-long television program is so last century. Effective Sept. 1, PBS announced, “the additional half-hour program will air on weekday afternoons on […]

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12 YouTube science channels to keep your kids learning this summer

YouTube is brimming with quirky, entertaining and educational science programs. As much of it is produced for a general lay audience, there’s plenty of appealing content for precocious kids and parents.  Here are some of the best YouTube science channels to check out. 1. AsapScience Whiteboard illustrations explain every-day questions like if video games make you […]

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