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Special Needs

Autism and Self-Esteem: 3 Critical Strategies

In my work in the autism community for the last twenty years, I have seen that there is no goal more important than helping a child cultivate self-esteem and a positive sense of self. This is important not only because it will help a child to experience more confidence and happiness in his life (what […]

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Be A Mr. Jensen: See the Good

My daughter recently attended a Teen Leadership Summit with motivational speaker,  Clint Pulver, where he shared the story of the teacher who changed his life. This is video is a must-watch about how we can all be Mr. Jensens. Here’s to a new year and may be all be better at seeing the good.  

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Mommy, I Want to be with My Brother

My dreams exploded like firecrackers when Josh and Jordan were born in 1996. My expectations were unchecked. My little boy and girl would make me chuckle with their twin-speak. They would crawl together, laugh together, plot together. They would compete athletically, and academically, but never spiritually. Their bond would launch them on a shared trajectory, […]

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We Rock the Spectrum: Gym for kids with autism

Kids with autism now have a place to engage with their peers and develop important life-skills thanks to We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym that recently opened in Arvada.  The gym is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment to foster learning, exploration and safe sensory experiences through activities like a zip line, swings […]

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Denver man teaches yoga to kids with special needs

Chris Capitelli isn’t your average Denver man–he teaches yoga to children with special needs. In the summer of 2014 he partnered with a New York-based non-profit named Pop.Earth to bring their holistic yoga classes to Colorado. Pop.Earth’s mission is to provide health and wellness options to those with Autism & Developmental Disorders for low cost […]

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Motherhood: Would I Have Her Strength?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we will be featuring your motherhood essays of women you admire in our “Hero Mom” series.” For the Grand Prize winner, we’ll send them BOTH to Allure Skincare and Lash, True Bliss Massage AND Rooted in Tradition Acupuncture. I met Rebecca early 2008. I don’t remember the details, as we have […]

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