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Special Needs

Mama Drama: Articulation Angst

Dear Mama Drama: My 4-year-old son has an extensive vocabulary but like a lot of kids, has a difficult time saying his “R”s and “L”s. When should I start worrying about getting him in speech and what can I be doing with him now? ~ Concerned Mama (photo credit) Dear Concerned: While I’ve worked with […]

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Help for autistic kids

The lives of thousands of Colorado’s autistic children and their parents just got a little easier — and it’s about time. On July 1, Colorado became the 12th state in the nation to reform insurance coverage for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It is now state law that private group health insurance providers cover […]

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Mama Drama: Extreme Hair Pulling

Dear Mama Drama: I am really worried about my son. He is three years old and has a really hard time handling frustration. When he doesn’t get his way or becomes frustrated with something, he starts pulling out his hair. He has done this so much that he has large bald spots all over his […]

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The returned Russian boy and casting stones

Said by me in utter hubris, pre-2001. No child of mine will ever go up the down escalator or inconvenience others by playing with the elevator buttons. No child of mine will ever make too much noise on an airplane. No child of mine will ever run wild in a sit-down restaurant. No child of […]

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The Courage Diary--A Synopsis of an Inspiring Journey

Guest blogger Heather Simms-Schichtel is a parent advocate, freelance writer and full-time mom to Samantha a precious girl who has an undiagnosed genetic condition. She recently biked the 157-mile Courage Classic in Samantha’s honor. I wake up and look at the clock….8:00 Friday morning; t-minus 24 until I have to be at the start in […]

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Special Needs Children Given a Voice

Mia Hysteria shares her inspirational, humorous and sometimes heart-wrenching journey of raising 3 young children, one with special needs, while managing a life of chaos, in her blog: General Hysteria. Mia has been blogging on General Hysteria since September 5, 2008 about her son, Ben (1), her daughter, Violet (2) and her oldest son, Alex […]

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