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Single Parents

Getting to the Heart of Organ Donation

Did you know that April is National Organ Donation Awareness Month?  I know it’s probably not marked on your calendar because it’s not celebrated by drinking green beer or setting off illegal fireworks.  But I feel that it is my duty to bring it to your attention so that in the future, when you think […]

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Your opinion: Do you pay your kids for good grades?

Paying your kids for good grades is like paying them to grow and learn and you can’t put a price on that. The hard work that goes into getting good grades is a hard-earned life lesson. Kids learn accountability and responsibility from their grades; good or bad. In most cases, grades are a direct reflection […]

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What is your family's love language?

My husband Jamie and I are different. Sure, in many ways we think alike, have the same interests and similar methodology with raising our children. But we go about life very differently. He is low-key. Methodical. Wise. I am not. One of the areas in which we are most different is how we need to […]

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"Beyond the Park" Outdoor Group for Single Moms

  • 20 Jul, 2009
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Single moms unite! The Women’s Wilderness Institute is providing a fun and free opportunity to get together with other families and enjoy the outdoors. The group will spend time getting to know each other while participating in community building, goal-setting, stress reduction and nature-based awareness activities in Boulder’s beautiful wilderness playground. These events are for […]

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