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Single Parents

Working Mom vs. SAHM ...and my modern-day superhero phonebooth.

Wise words by Christine Lagarde on the topic of career and motherhood resonated loudly with me recently. She explained, in a too often overlooked simplicity, the retort o’ day la touché of the ongoing – and ridiculous – debate of Working Mom vs. SAHM. Ms. Lagarde said, [brace yourselves]…

“We can’t have it all · ALL AT ONCE.”

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10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

We asked Dr. Harley Rotbart, Professor and Vice Chair of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the author of No Regrets Parenting – Turning Long Days and Short Years into Cherished Moments for Your Kids, for advice on spending the right kind of time with kids. What is “quality time?” I define quality time as […]

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The Kid Blender: How Should I Introduce My Kids to Someone New?

It’s easy for many of us to say the words “the most important thing in my life is my child” but never is it more important to live those words than when you’re dating as a single parent. How and when you introduce you children to someone new really has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them and making them feel secure about the situation.

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The Kid Blender: When Should I Introduce My Kids to Someone New?

So, you’ve met Mr. Right or at least a possible candidate. And as we all know, there is no way to confirm that he is actually the “real thing” until he has been introduced to the kids and you see how everyone interacts. And that means getting to the next step: Setting up the introduction.

In the beginning stages, when you’re thinking about introducing your child to someone new, it’s important to remember that you and your child may be on 2 different timelines: You may be excited about this new stage in your life while your child may be dreading the changes he/she knows are on the horizon. If you’ve been through a divorce or suffered a loss, chances are you child knows that you may not want to be alone forever. And that means more adjustments for them.

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The Kid Blender: A Single Mom's Attempt to Find Joy in an Unexpected Life

In this series of blogs, the “Kid Blenders,” I will be addressing our challenges, trying to blend our two families together. The names of the children will be changed to spare the easily embarrassed. And let me be upfront about this: I’m no clinical expert. I’m just a single mom trying to figure life out as I go. But knowing that there are around 14 million single parents out there…I’m guessing that I’m not alone in this venture.

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7 local volunteer opportunities your whole family can do!

Since becoming a mom, I have tried to instill within my children the importance of volunteering in the community. But here’s the problem: Most community organizations have a minimum age requirement for volunteering and young children don’t usually make the cut. That’s why I’m thrilled that Mile High Mamas is teaming up with Volunteers of […]

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Disney World: The Magical Land of Forced Fun

I’ve seen many helpful blogs here in the Mile High Mamas about tips for getting the most out of your trip to Disney World. And I’m just going to be upfront about this right now: This is not one of them. But I’m betting that if you’re planning on making the trip any time this […]

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