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Single Parents

Confessions of a single mom

  I miss the days when I had the luxury of having a nervous breakdown.  B.C. (Before Child), I could spend an entire weekend in bed sleeping, wallowing in misery and whining to my girlfriends on the phone.  Usually these breakdowns happened after some schmuck I thought was the love of my life dumped me. […]

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I'm Outta Here: One Widow's Attempt to Find Home Sweet Home

Change is complicated. On the one hand, I am constantly rearranging my furniture, trying new eye shadow, and if I could get a new car every month (so I wouldn’t have to clean the one I have) I would probably do it. But permanent change…that’s another beast entirely. I actually haven’t been through many permanent […]

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Holiday spending survival guide: 7 budgeting tips

Since my divorce and crawling my way out of a terrible financial fix (thanks ex-husband!), I budget for nearly everything. There are a few things around the holidays that can send me for a loop so this year, I have tried to be more mindful of what those things are and budget appropriately.  Wrapping Paper – […]

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Motherhood: What They See is What You'll Get

I’ve always been consumed with my kids’ perception of me. Actually, I don’t know if perception is the right word. I mean, I don’t worry if they’re judging me (I have a 13-year-old daughter – I think that’s a given right now), but I’ve always wondered how they interpret me. Does that make any sense? […]

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An Unexpected Visitor: A Night at The Stanley Hotel

As a single mother of three children, every time I take my kids on what I call a “mini-vacation” (because I’m not brave enough to go on a full-size one) I’m always worried that one of us won’t make it back.  This could be for several reasons:  I’ll lose one.  I’ll try to lose one. […]

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