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Single Parents

When Divorce, Chairs and Teeth Collide

The hardest day of my life: I hadn’t been separated from Antonia and Jonah’s father for even a month when a horrible accident happened. Jonah, my three-year-old, had spilled his glass of milk all over my dining room floor about a half-hour before it was time to take them to the police station, which at […]

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Custody Battles in the Time of COVID-19

Protecting Your Family Through the Toughest Times It may seem obvious, but you need to think about your child’s best interests when going through your custody arrangements. In a time where your children might not have any buffer between them and their parents’ personal lives, you will need to be even more sensitive than usual. […]

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Living a full life through and after divorce

Divorce is tough, so why are these women from Mothering & Daughtering smiling?   Because Elizabeth Cohen has a roadmap for a mama who is considering divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or post-divorce. When she went through a divorce as a young mother, she couldn’t find the support and resources she needed and, frankly, […]

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