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Single Parents

When Divorce, Chairs and Teeth Collide

The hardest day of my life: I hadn’t been separated from Antonia and Jonah’s father for even a month when a horrible accident happened. Jonah, my three-year-old, had spilled his glass of milk all over my dining room floor about a half-hour before it was time to take them to the police station, which at […]

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Custody Battles in the Time of COVID-19

Protecting Your Family Through the Toughest Times It may seem obvious, but you need to think about your child’s best interests when going through your custody arrangements. In a time where your children might not have any buffer between them and their parents’ personal lives, you will need to be even more sensitive than usual. […]

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Living a full life through and after divorce

Divorce is tough, so why are these women from Mothering & Daughtering smiling?   Because Elizabeth Cohen has a roadmap for a mama who is considering divorce, in the middle of a divorce, or post-divorce. When she went through a divorce as a young mother, she couldn’t find the support and resources she needed and, frankly, […]

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Why I Agreed to Reduce My Daughter's Child Support

Child support, the bane of some non-custodial parents’ existence, is ordered for children to equalize the standard of living if there is a great financial divide between households. For the father of my child, it was a tool for harassment, a bullying card if you will, until I agreed to impute my own income. He […]

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New Series "Single Parents" and "The Kids Are Alright"

Is the summer television series drought getting you down? Here’s something to look forward to! ABC has released some of the trailers for its new comedies and dramas as part of the 2018-19 series orders. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am some of them are family-centric comedies that look like they’ll be hits! […]

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