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Why your child needs personalized learning

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could learn at their own pace, confidently explore new challenges, and take ownership of their learning? With personalized learning, or adaptive learning, technology engages children more deeply with their education. Here’s what you should know about adaptive learning and how it can help your children: Your kids are […]

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An Ode to My PTA's School Supply Fundraiser

Well, it’s August already, summer is over. For my kids, back-to-school means seeing all their friends again and settling in with a new class. For me, back-to-school means shopping, which includes the surprisingly arduous task of procuring school supplies.  If you’ve done this before, you’ll sigh empathetically, knowing how hard it is to check off […]

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The Gifts Teachers Really Want

It’s that time of year again, when children pack up their desks, say goodbye to friends and give a final farewell before springing into a summer of endless sunshine and fun…followed by dog days of summer, indoor air conditioning, boredom and whining. And that’s when we gain a true appreciation for our children’s teachers!

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Bring This Engaging Environmental Education Program to Your Child's Classroom!

For the last ten years, I’ve spent the majority of my professional life teaching teachers how to use environmental education resources.  I enjoy lighting up a group of busy teachers with enlightening, energetic activities. When my own children began to attend elementary school.  Naturally, I wanted their teachers to use Environmental Education activities, specifically Project […]

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Kindergarten readiness: how to prepare your child

Kindergarten! It can definitely be a scary thing to start thinking about your little one moving on to elementary school. There are many things you feel like you have to do and prepare before dropping them off at kindergarten for the first time. How great would it be if you felt confident in your child’s […]

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Can We Bully the Bullies?

She meandered across the street in front of my car and grinned at me with her braced teeth. “Take your time,” I mumbled. “She’s mean,” my son said from the passenger seat. “You know her?” “She’s in my choir. She’s a year older than me. Our teacher asked us to move over a little on […]

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