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"I don't want to mess up our friendship"

Yes, I was that girl in high school. “The friend.” At the time I actually thought I was a fat, ugly pig… but as I look back at my high school pic compared the the Beautiful People… I must have been wearing Teen-Colored Glasses. Meaning, I wasn’t as pretty as the Beautiful People by a […]

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Mile High Parents Campaign Launches in Denver Schools

[photopress:mhparents.jpg,full,pp_image]Denver Public Schools Parent Empowerment Council recently announced the official launch of the Mile High Parents Campaign. The program is designed to increase parent engagement and to celebrate the hundreds of things parents already do to further their kids’ academic success. Structured as a multi-year initiative, the 2008-2009 school year marks the official kick off […]

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The fun in fundraising is a lie

My elementary school-aged kids have just wrapped up their first fundraiser of the year. They had to sell a well-known book of coupons. Nobody wanted one. Nobody needed one. Nobody remembers to actually use the coupons if they do buy the book, so everyone passed. If they had a coupon book already, it was because […]

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