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Back-to-school tips to alleviate stress for mom

Attention all Moms!! Back to school is right around the corner and with that comes some anxiety and stress. Our children have been on a carefree and relaxing schedule and all of that is about to change. Some other kids are starting new schools and may be a bit nervous. Now is the perfect time […]

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Colorado schools taste change in student meals

One day in April, Durango students sat down to a lunch that included Tuscan blend vegetables, a choice of fresh fruit and a salad bar. For parents who remember school veggies as limp green or orange wads floating in watery brine and smelling of tin cans and steam trays, Durango’s fancy local produce and grass-fed […]

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Habla Teenagerese?

My oldest daughter doesn’t want to take Spanish next year. I want her to take Spanish next year. It’s an elective only offered to eighth graders, it’s free, it’s available. To my mommy mind, it makes sense. I explained the benefits of having a full year of Spanish completed before high school. She’ll be a […]

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Keep Your Kids Reading in a Summer Reading Program

The summer slide.  It’s not a myth but it can be hard motivating kids to read over the summer. That’s why there are summer reading programs with prizes and free books!  Check out all the programs available here in Colorado and nationally. I’m thinking we’re going to try them all! National Summer Reading Programs Barnes […]

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I am not a Poster Parent

My kids are embroiled in year-end projects at school. The projects are time-consuming and demand great attention to detail and deadlines. Through these projects, kids learn a lot about time management, research, public speaking, and poster design. I’m proud of the way my kids have tackled the challenge of completing a massively important assignment. The […]

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East High students will step on sage advice

Teenagers often have a habit of gazing at their feet, so the refurbishing of East High School’s entrance will toss some education into the mix with paving stones that bear famous quotations. In a few months, East’s 2,400 students will be able to walk, chew gum and learn at the same time — as long […]

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