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Editorial: Denver teachers union blocking reform again?

We have little doubt that 2008 legislation detailing how Colorado schools could gain autonomy and create innovative programs was meant to cover new schools. Yet, that’s what the Denver teachers union seems to be arguing, as it has objected to so-called innovation status for three new public schools in northeast Denver. The irony is that […]

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Parents: Enough multiple choice at neighborhood schools

The moms and dads of Skinner Middle School — taxpaying types with steady jobs and sensible family cars — don’t look like a bunch of radicals. But after meeting quietly for months to brainstorm, then to crunch numbers and compile data, they went public with demands that turn a decade of school-choice/school-reform thinking on its […]

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How to make summer break

Summer is fragile. It slips by at a dizzying pace. One moment, you are emptying the backpacks and stashing them out of sight. The next, you’re filling a shopping cart with enough washable markers to decorate the exterior of a family band bus. It’s a good thing the Partridge Family didn’t use washable markers, or […]

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When should your child get a cell phone?

My 8-year-old daughter recently informed me she’s getting a cell phone when she’s 10. As usual, she’s not thinking about the fact that her dad and I are the ones who must agree to this, pay for it, etc. But she says there are kids at her elementary school who do use cell phones – […]

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Vaccination education: know your options

The first vaccine was brought to the U.S. in 1800 according to, and now, more than 200 years later, we have more vaccines than we can count on two hands. Many of us, myself included have received vaccines or painfully watched our children receive shots with no questions asked. But should we be asking […]

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