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For school lunches, hold the plastic sandwich bag

Many retailers and schools are advocating waste-free options for back-to-school shoppers this year, especially when it comes to lunch. School lists call for Tupperware instead of Ziplocs, neoprene lunch bags instead of brown paper ones, and aluminum water bottles, not the throwaway plastic versions. Sales of environmentally friendly back-to-school products are up just about everywhere. […]

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Heat-related illnesses spur petition for Sept. school start in Denver

  • 12 Sep, 2011
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Three cases of heat-related illness during the back-to-school heat wave are being used to fuel the argument that kids shouldn’t have to be in the classroom before Labor Day. “The bottom line for me comes down to health and safety,” said Stacy Smith, a parent of two Denver Public Schools students who is petitioning for […]

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How to help your child make friends and fit in

An interview with Dr. Jeffrey I. Dolgan, Senior Psychologist at Children’s Hospital Colorado Q: How can parents help their children choose good friends? A: Parents need to find out who is in their child’s peer group. You can get a good idea about the other kids by making connections with their families. I suggest hosting […]

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Successful School Fundraisers: Cookie Dough vs Real Dough

It’s no secret that schools are hurting for cash. Parent volunteers are stepping up as best they can, and schools turn to fundraisers to help bridge the gap between the Have and the Want, or in some cases, the Need. (Stock photo by muresan113) I do not begrudge the schools for doing fundraisers, and kudos […]

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