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Digital Inequality: How Comcast’s WiFi-Connected “Lift Zones” Are Helping Denver Families

Most parents would agree that COVID-19 has been non-stop stress, especially as it pertains to distance learning and quarantining. Though difficult, I recognize my family’s privilege: my husband and I work remotely, we have Internet access and my two teenagers have school-issued laptops. These factors make us better-off than many Coloradans. In fact, a staggering […]

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My classroom is a time capsule

On Thursday, March 19th, at 3:32 p.m., after a strange week of training on remote instruction, I left my classroom for what would be the last time that school year. At the doorway, I paused, reached into my purse, pulled out my phone, and took a quick picture. It’s a time capsule of a moment […]

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Back to School: How Students Can Be Successful with Managing Their Time and Mental Health

As students have started going back to school, they are experiencing a wide range of learning environments, including online and hybrid. Even with more structure than the spring, many parents are concerned that their children will fall behind academically, extracurricular, and socially. What can you do to ensure that your students will have a successful […]

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