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Five Great Math Tutoring Companies in Denver

Even at the best of times, getting kids to stay engaged during school has always been a challenge. But what happens when the classroom is a computer screen, and there are all the distractions of home? The need for quality one-on-one help has never been greater! Of course, finding the right help is easier said […]

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Constantly Checking Your Student's Grades—Helping or Hurting?

Schoolwork is a huge source of tension for many families, especially for those with students who have executive function challenges. Untapped Learning’s mentors alleviate some of that pressure by monitoring grade portals and checking teacher websites so parents can take a step back. Our mentors build strong, trusting relationships with students in order to hold […]

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Comcast/Xfinity Technology Powers Back to School Connections

Whether your child will be going back to school in person this Fall, continuing distance learning or a “hybrid” learning model that combines a bit of both, one of the most important predictors of a student’s success is a high-speed Internet connection at home. The pandemic put a spotlight on the troubling academic achievement gap, […]

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Free kindergarten prep for Colorado kids (and how to apply!)

The COVID-19 pandemic left many families without an early education option in the crucial months before they begin kindergarten. In order to ensure Colorado children are prepared for that first day of school this fall, is providing the Waterford Upstart Summer Learning Path at no cost to families to keep kids on track over […]

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Manage Toddler Meltdowns with These 6 Steps

Especially for toddlers, emotional meltdowns are inevitable. So, rather than trying to prevent them, it’s best to focus on some practical ways to manage tantrums, as they can be helpful to children learning to express their feelings and how to handle big emotions. Here are six tips for managing toddler meltdowns. Understand the Why Behind […]

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Why re-opening schools and childcare facilities should be a priority

A new study from Germany offers yet more data to show that childcare facilities and elementary schools should remain open or re-open to full-time, in-person learning as quickly as possible, according to an accompanying editorial by Children’s Hospital Colorado Infectious Disease Specialist Sean T. O’Leary, MD, MPH. The study findings and editorial were published in the Jan. […]

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