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Potty Training

Potty Training Tips from a Mom of Nine

I have helped seven children graduate out of diapers and into undies. My first few kids were subjected to all kinds of nonsense, fueled by advice found in parenting manuals. Barrels of tears were cried as accidents mounted. Frustration and angst hung in the air as my main focus in life seemed to be the […]

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A (Hilarious) Prelude to Potty Training

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would ever have to introduce someone, who was not even close to sober, what the potty is and how it’s used. The closest I get in experience is our cat, but we never had to tell the cat what the toilet was or ask her […]

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Postcards from the Edge (of the potty training seat)

“Potty training.” The mere words still make me shudder. For some parents, it is a simple process. For others, there are months of nail-biting frustrations. And for a select few (like me), sometimes it felt like our child was never going to get trained. Though it was a trying time, I was surprised to learn […]

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Kids Crafts for Kids!

Backpacks, #2 pencils, washable markers and hand sanitizer. It’s that time of year again – back to school – where our children will be taught to share freely with others…a lesson they will carry out quite well…when it comes to GERMS.

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