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What every parent should know to prevent sexual abuse

Child sexual abusers count on your silence and discomfort, so if we’re going to prevent child sexual abuse, we must shatter this silence by learning the facts and empowering our children. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so I sat down with Feather Berkower, co-author of Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe […]

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How to Start a Babysitting Co-op

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the security of reliable childcare at a moment’s notice – day or night – from a trusted family in your neighborhood? Oh, and what if you could use funny money in exchange for the sit!? Sound like an exhausted mother’s dream…well, let me tell you ~ dreams really do come true! A babysitting co-op. […]

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Under the Girl Scouts' big tent: As the organization turns 100, its founder's original mission is as relevant as ever

If the very first Girl Scouts of 100 years ago could compare their badges with the Girl Scouts of today, they might be dumbfounded by current categories — Stress Less? Business Owner? — but relieved to see some familiar, if rebranded, emblems. Cycling, interpreter, naturalist, swimming and hiking survive, even if other skills — milking […]

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People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

As the mother of an 11-year old boy, the news of Jerry Sandusky’s alleged child abuse and the questionable diligence of now-deceased Joe Paterno exercised in reporting the incident hit close to home. Needing an outlet for my feelings, I posted the following on my Facebook page immediately after I heard the news: “I don’t […]

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Volunteering as School Work

Back in November, Mile High Mamas, teamed up with the Colorado branch of Volunteers of America and posted a list of volunteer opportunities available around Denver for families during the holidays. It was just what I needed. I called VOA and signed us up for a Meals On Wheels Route. One child was eager to […]

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