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mother’s day

Mom Blog: On Being a Good (and Bad) Mother

For the past several years, we have run this article on Being a Good (and Bad) Mother on our mommy blog for Mother’s Day. It is a good reminder of why we’re in this together and you are enough. Every year, mothers are celebrated on that one special May day (which is not to be […]

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Grieving and Mother's Day

First, I really wish I still had the shirt that my mother is wearing in the photo. Second, looking at this photo really makes me miss her. Third, Mother’s Day is coming up and I know that for all us who have lost a mom, this is a tough time of year. Last year, just […]

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The Strength of a Mom: A Woman I Admire

I met Rebecca early 2008. I don’t remember the details, as we have not become friends till much later on. My memories upon meeting her for the first time are vague, a beautiful, cool, smart and busy businesswoman, about my age, with two (now three) little kids. I knew she had a child with Down […]

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Motherhood is a gift, not a job

A job is defined as working for money. Motherhood is defined as working harder than any job in the world, and doing it for free. Motherhood is not a job; if it were a job, I would have a loaded bank account. With (almost) five little ones, homeschooling, and staying sane through the emotions that […]

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Disney's Family Sing-a-long will air on Mother's Day

Disney is reeling from some staggering financial losses during this pandemic…but that isn’t stopping them from bringing some cheer to families on Mother’s Day. The Disney Family Singalong is a simple, yet incredibly fun, idea. Round up some celebrities — along with their families — to perform classic Disney tunes in their homes, while encouraging […]

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Mom: A Name Well-earned

From the archives   Today I’m heading to the hospital.  It’s a 30-minute drive and I’ll have all three of my kids in the back with me (a 4-year-old, a 2.5-year-old and an 8-month-old).  My sister will be coming as well but solo since all her kids are in school this morning.  We’re on our […]

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