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We Went in for Chocolate and Got Self-Esteem

  • 28 May, 2009
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No Barbie dolls — check. No disparaging of my own body — check. Frequent reminders that what’s inside matter more than what’s outside — check. Daughter without self-esteem issues — out of checks. I naively thought, when my daughter was an infant, that doing these checked items would go a long way to helping Tessa […]

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Never piss off the Mommybloggers

A few weeks ago, as I stood in front of nearly 450 tech nerds for Ignite Boulder, ready to present “Why Mommybloggers Such and What We Can Learn From Them,” I wasn’t all that nervous. OK, maybe a leeeetle. But I knew the people in that room were not nearly as invested in the topic […]

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The Mom Behind the Mom I Am

I was her first. She and my dad had waited nearly 4 years after getting married for my arrival. Mom and Dad both had a strange sense of humor, as evidenced by the names they came up with for me. Good thing I was a girl and became Lori. If I’d been a boy, according […]

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Sometimes she reads books the way Daddy watches TV

I think we’ve reached the stage where we could totally go without naps. And, by “we,” I mean my three-year old, Claire. And, by “totally go without,” I mean she still needs them but I’m not fighting it anymore. And, by “not fighting it anymore,” I mean I’ve resorted to trickery. Actually, truth be told, […]

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Win a Hot Mama Designs Personalized Necklace!

As Mother’s Day draws closer, I have been sent a number of press releases for wonderful mom-oriented products. Hot Mama Designs’ jewelry line was a stand-out because it truly celebrates the essence of being a mother and a woman. I immediately fell in love with their personalized jewelry and treasure wearing my children’s names around […]

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Blogging: World Domination Tour

This week, Mile High Mamas will be dedicated unto the joys of blogging. We have discussed why and how to start a blog. Now it turns personal. I have asked our bloggers to share the reason they started blogging and their favorite post. For me, blogging was an outlet. After surviving a hellacious first year […]

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Lunch will be served in the machete aisle

When I nurse in public, I am nervous. Is someone going to glare at me? Will they abruptly steer their children in the opposite direction once it’s clear the baby hidden under the green blanket isn’t simply asleep? What if a security guard, store manager, or Citizen Busybody leaps into action, operating under the authority […]

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