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Mama Drama: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Dear Mama Drama: I have a question about my granddaughter who just turned five.  She literally copies every thing that every one of her friends or cousins does (Monkey See, Monkey Do).  She even copies things that other kids do even when she knows it is wrong!  We wonder that if one of her friends […]

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Mama Drama: Staying Connected to Our Kids

Dear Mama Drama: My children and I are so busy. Between work, school, activities and life, I feel like I am just not connected to them like I was when they were little. How can I find time to stay involved in their lives? ~Disconnected Mama (photo credit) Dear Disconnected: The connection we have with […]

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The Tragic Beginning of a Blessing in Disguise

He shivered so intensely that it shook the room. “You are freaking out the baby,” I told my husband. It was probably just a fever. A bad cold with a fever. He will be fine. But he was not fine. Four days later he was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit where he became paralyzed […]

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Mama Drama: Sibling Sarcasm

Dear Mama Drama: My sons have recently been very rude and sarcastic with each other. They are frequently putting each other down or making what I consider unnecessary negative comments about something the other one is sharing. They even do this thing where they say, “I don’t mean to offend you, but…” and they finish […]

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The big postpartum bounceback

The bags under my eyes will only take you to the west coast for a long weekend in Napa. They are no longer steamer trunks fit for trans-Atlantic voyages. I am mostly confident my shoes would match, if I went anywhere of note. Doctor’s offices do not count, as one expects to encounter a certain […]

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