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How to parent your kids without regret

In an era of ads and promotions directed at kids – from toys to Disneyland – many parents wonder what kids need most. We asked Dr. Harley Rotbart, Professor and Vice Chair of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and the author of No Regrets Parenting – Turning Long Days and Short Years into Cherished Moments […]

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Mama Drama: Chilling a Chatterbox

Dear Mama Drama: My five year old daughter is very bright, very verbal, and very passionate. She is a delight to be around most of the time and has tons of ideas and information to share, but she often struggles to let others have a turn talking in social situations. She gets so excited about […]

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Mama Drama: Mama Mama Dental Drama!

Dear Mama Drama: I have always hated going to the dentist and had lots of cavities and other problems growing up. I don’t want my kids to have the same fear and avoidance of dental care that I do. How can I help them have a positive experience with dental care and develop good brushing […]

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Surviving the Wake of the Holiday Season with MomPower

Fruitcake and Antidepressants. They were two of the top “trending now” items on my Yahoo mail page this morning – along with Matthew McConaughey and Mitt Romney. I’m not really sure why this caught my eye but it did.   It’s one of the most sought out Christmas gifts in our culture…TecHNoLoGY…and yet with the […]

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Mama Drama: December Birthday Blues

Dear Mama Drama: My three-year-old daughter has a December birthday and we are inundated with toys and “stuff” from our very generous family. We appreciate their gifts, but are all a bit overwhelmed by the amount of new toys. My daughter tends to leave them strewn about the house bouncing from one activity to the […]

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When kids save the drama for their mama

There are two types of kids. Kids who behave better for other people than for their parents and kids that are better behaved for their parent than other adults. My boys are better for other people. At school they are respectful and hard-working. I’ve been know to act incredulous whenever someone compliments me on my […]

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