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Budgeting for a baby takes planning, experts say

Golden residents Laurel and Max Delmonico seem unusually prepared, much to the benefit of their 4-month-old son, also Max. “The immediate cost that we were concerned about was delivery,” Laurel says. “We were planning for that a year or so before he was even conceived.” Huge life changes call for commensurate planning, especially when they […]

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How to Stop the Curse of the Cursing Kid

I’m salty. I admit colorful language seeps through my filter, especially in situations when emotions are elevated. If my toe is stubbed, I don’t say, “Golly cookies!” When miffed, “Sweet beans!” isn’t my go-to way to let the world know how I feel about spending more than $100 on a tank of gas. I try […]

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Parenting: Holidays and the Santa lie

We raise our kids to be truthful. We teach them about the laws of physics. And then we tell them that nine flying reindeer pull an immortal fat man and his sleigh through the sky so that he can deliver gifts to millions of kids around the world one night a year. Is it bad […]

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Mama Drama: Addressing the Trauma of Tragedy

Dear Mama Drama: With one traumatic event after another in the headlines I am struggling to manage my own anxieties much less those of my children. We are all sad, angry, and afraid, and struggling to maintain our emotions and get through our daily routines. What advice do you have to help us? ~Stressed Out […]

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When expanding a family, does 1 + 1 = 2?

Seems like simple math, right? Well when it comes to expanding my family, “simple” isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Of course going from zero babies to one was the ultimate adjustment. Where there was none, now there is one! As first-time parents we were equip with common sense, an obscene amount of […]

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Can I Ever Achieve A Mastery of Parenting?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve told my children to close the back door when they go in or out, flush the toilet when they are done, close their mouth when they chew, I love you. I guess you could say that a successful person may never see themselves as a master of […]

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