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Manage Toddler Meltdowns with These 6 Steps

Especially for toddlers, emotional meltdowns are inevitable. So, rather than trying to prevent them, it’s best to focus on some practical ways to manage tantrums, as they can be helpful to children learning to express their feelings and how to handle big emotions. Here are six tips for managing toddler meltdowns. Understand the Why Behind […]

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My Top 9: What made you grateful in 2020?

A few years ago, a secondary company developed a program to measure your “Top 9” most liked posts on Instagram and I get a chuckle every year about what Instagram deems to be my highlights.    In 2020, my most-liked posts were my husband’s milestone birthday, my son winning the junior division for pumpkin growing, […]

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Mom Meets Man Who Carries Her Late Son's Heart

  Becky Turney lost her 19-year-old son Triston back in 2015. And though she made the decision to donate his heart, she had never met its recipient—until now. Because while the Alaska mom was busy preparing for her upcoming nuptials, her groom-to-be made it his business to track down Triston’s heart recipient and arrange for […]

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Reflections on My First Miscarriage

I am sitting in bed this evening, like most. My husband is in the office working on school work for his masters while our 15-month-old has been sound asleep for a couple of hours now. But this evening is in stark contrast to one week ago when we were in the ER for bleeding that […]

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A Colorado mom shares her breast cancer journey

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sabrina Skiles had two small kids and was moving to Colorado when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her story.  Who knew five words would alter our lives forever. In early August of last year, I felt a small lump in my right breast. I wish I […]

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