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Mom Exhaustion: Is this the new normal?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to that question and it, unfortunately, is yes. The exhaustion. It is slowly killing me. I remember how I felt as a first-time mom with a newborn and wondered how I had the audacity to complain about being tired before having kids. Then I remember how I felt […]

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Mama Drama: Getting the Babes to Bed

Dear Mama Drama: I can’t get my kids to bed at night. They don’t listen when I tell them to stop watching TV or playing and get ready for bed, they fuss about washing their faces and brushing their teeth, and they always have a million reasons why they need to get out of bed. […]

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How A Mom Can Tell It's May

The Sandman used a little too much of his magic on you one night, months ago, and you just woke up out of a deep, deep slumber. You can braid your leg hair. The phrase “I’m gonna pop some tags” means nothing to you. Your pajamas have little snowmen on them, but lilacs are blooming […]

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Becoming Mothers: The Day I Saw the Light

I always knew I wanted to be a mom and I truly loved being pregnant. No, really, and don’t hate me but pregnancy became me and it was easy. For me, all the hard work began after I went into labor and harder yet- raising two daughters. Our first was born May, 2007. We named […]

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Mom Memories: Leaving Australia to be the Startup Kid

Running a startup isn’t easy on anyone. The glorious trails of successful entrepreneurs are littered with the scars of broken relationships and bitter resentment of cold dinners and missed birthday parties. It takes a special kind of relationship to weather the storms of startup life. It takes a special kind of kid too. A kid […]

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Mom Memories: The Un-Fun Mommy

When I was a child, I was imaginative, inventive, and enterprising. I loved to write stories, sing songs, recite poetry, and direct elaborate theatrical productions with my brother and cousins. As an adult, I look back on my creative childhood escapades with great fondness, yet now that I am a parent, I am aware of […]

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