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Mama Drama: Transforming A Helicopter Mom

Dear Mama Drama: I am the mother of two girls and enjoy being active in their school. I volunteer in a variety of ways in the classroom and in the school in general. I stay on top of the girls’ academics and social issues and step in whenever I or they have concerns. My husband […]

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A Parent's Guide to Playground Games

This summer, we spent many mornings touring playgrounds all over the metro area. It’s challenging to find playgrounds that are fun for all my kids, so they often play classic playground games to make the experience more fun. The best part about playground games is it’s a great way to meet other kids. I find […]

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Mama Said: Facebook Etiquette for Moms

Educators are constantly talking about how to teach kids responsible use of the Internet and social media. Parents look over their child’s shoulder while he or she is logged on. Schools try to address social media safety and appropriate Google searches. We use software to try to block “bad” sites. But what about moms on […]

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Young vs. Old Mom: Which One Are You?

We women are basically fertile from age 15-45, and there are even some outliers beyond these ages. We have seen pregnancies in girls younger than 15, but that’s a whole other topic. And with the magic of infertility treatments, we also see women older than 45 having babies.  In fact, with the magic of accidents, […]

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Single Parenting the Opposite Gender

As a widow, I was thrown into the deep end of the single parenting pool when my kids were 5,3, and 1 year old and from day one, I knew it would be tough. And while I can sympathize with the pain of divorce and can understand how hard it must be for many parents to relinquish the thing(s) that are most important to them – their children – on a regular basis to someone they’re not all that crazy about anymore…my struggles as a widowed single parent are a little different.

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How do you do it, Busy Mom?

I feel like I’m struggling with balance lately. I devote my time and energy to so many different roles, some being more focused on than others. At times it feels like there is a part of my life being neglected and I have to do my very best to carve out even more time, that […]

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