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A Favorite Mom Memory: The Picnic Tablecloth

A picnic tablecloth is such a simple thing but it can dress up any picnic lunch. We took a lot of road trips when I was growing up. We would drive up the coast of California to visit family. Every few years, we would move across country. During those road trips, we always stopped at […]

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The Early Mom Catches the Child

My mother never slept in. Or, maybe I just woke up incredibly and unreasonably late. That probably describes me when I was in high school, when I’d wake on summer mornings just in time for my dad to arrive home for his lunch break. But it doesn’t explain away my childhood memories. Every morning, my […]

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Somewhere--A Mother's Day Tribute to Moms Everywhere

Somewhere someone has just found out she is going to become a mother. Somewhere someone has found out she won’t. Somewhere a mother is crying for the loss of a pregnancy. Somewhere a mother isn’t ready to be a mother. Somewhere a mother is giving birth. Somewhere a mother is sleep deprived. Somewhere a mother […]

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