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A (Funny) Lesson on Attachment-detachment Parenting

My kids and I are having a fabulous summer. If we’re not swimming, we’re hiking, playing with friends or traveling. I fully realize these years are fleeting and I’m making the most of my time with them. The only snafu is this thing called work I’m supposed to be doing. And by the end of […]

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To The Friend I Never Called

Dear Friend, I’m not even sure you remember that time a few months ago when we ran into each other at the store. Had it been six months, two years, five years since we had seen each other? We hugged. We chatted. We shared stories about how our kids are growing up too fast. Our […]

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Mama Drama: Summer Break Blues

Dear Mama Drama: My kids are getting out for the summer and I’m dreading the constant running them here and there and that I’m never able to get anything done. If I don’t schlep them to play dates or other activities they complain that they’re bored. I feel exhausted after these crazy days and then […]

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Five (Funny) Etiquette Musts for School Performances

If you have children in school, there is no escape. You will eventually find yourself in a brightly-lit gym or dimly lit auditorium waiting for your little superstars to perform. It might be a play, band concert, choir concert, or one of those musical spectaculars with a theme. For example, a Musical Salute to Colorado! […]

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