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My Abuser Killed Himself: From Hopelessness to Healing

Trigger warning for Denver domestic abuse and suicide. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of certain individuals. Read the backstory from this Denver mom, Emotional Terrorism: Coping When Your Ex Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  My tormentor’s ashes sit in a box in my house. I agreed to hold onto them until his brother, Larry, who […]

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'Do I Have a Drinking Problem?' This Colorado Woman Wants to Talk About 'Gray Area Drinking'

Hi! I’m Jolene Park. Gray Area Drinking expert, TED speaker, functional nutritionist, coach, training facilitator, podcaster, 20-year entrepreneur, writer. I’m also a stigma-smasher, a bit of a rebel, introvert and lone wolf who doesn’t always follow the crowd in life and business. I’m an enneagram 3, INFP and double Capricorn. The picture above was taken […]

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Living the Dream: Building our Farm in Colorado

Leaving Denver’s suburbs for a more “make-it-yourself” lifestyle to build our own farm in Colorado is not a choice one makes on a whim. It is a choice that happens over countless dreaming sessions with your partner and rehashing the same conversations in order to understand what that means to both of you. We made […]

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Manage Toddler Meltdowns with These 6 Steps

Especially for toddlers, emotional meltdowns are inevitable. So, rather than trying to prevent them, it’s best to focus on some practical ways to manage tantrums, as they can be helpful to children learning to express their feelings and how to handle big emotions. Here are six tips for managing toddler meltdowns. Understand the Why Behind […]

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