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Mom’s Shoe-Tying Tutorial Has Millions Of Views

The mom behind Unstoppable Mother,  Kirsten Johnson, went live on Facebook to share with her followers the way she taught her son to tie his laces. In the video, she said, “He’s been frustrated with the little bunny loops and the ears.” Though this method may take a bit longer than usual, people who have children […]

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The Man Cold Vs The Mom Cold

There are no sick days for Moms. Men on the other hand, seem to turn into children when they get a cold. Does your man suffer the “Man Cold” when he is sick? Check out Meredith Mason’s latest video that shows just how different wives and husbands can respond to a cold virus. Who can relate?

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Mesh underwear? EmojiMom's hilarious new app shares how moms really feel

Nothing says “welcome to motherhood” like those post-labor mesh undies. But really, what is the proper emoji for that? That’s why Hannah Hudson, Natalie Ralston and Sarah Robinson created EmojiMom ― a new iOS keyboard for pregnant women and moms. With 250 parenting-themed emojis, the app hilariously depicts the feelings and frustrations of pregnant and postpartum […]

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The Gift of Postpartum OCD

One afternoon in January 2013, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. My husband and I were overjoyed, blissful as we marveled at her every move. That night, as we tried to rest, I had a peculiar thought: what if I were to throw my daughter down the spiral staircase in our home? Ashamed, I […]

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7 tips to stop nagging your kids

Dear Mama Drama: I am so tired of nagging my kids to do what they’re already supposed to do. How can I motivate them without constantly nagging? Sticker rewards worked when they were younger but now that they’re getting older, nothing is working. ~Nagged Out Dear Nagged Out: When our children are younger we provide […]

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Choosing YOU this Summer

Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts on the planet. Finding balance as a woman – most of us with a great deal on our plate – is one of life’s greatest challenges. Especially during the summer months when kids are home from school and they want your full attention. (Does this sound […]

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