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First Look: Great Wolf Lodge Roars into Colorado Springs

I watched as my daughter Hadley brazenly stepped into the Wolf Tail launch pad at Great Wolf Lodge. This was a slide unlike any I’d ever witnessed. She followed the staffer’s instructions to cross her arms and legs and wait for the countdown. Then just like a magician’s trap door, the bottom DROPPED out and […]

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Teacher's hilarious "Hello" snow day video

Hello, snow. We’ve all been there–praying for a snow day!  Mary Morris, a teacher at Rush Strong School in Tennessee, put together a hilarious Adele parody video that is going viral. “Snow, it’s me,” the song begins. “I know we just got out for Christmas but I really need some more time to myself, you […]

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Kid-Free Traveling: A Sensory Experience

Your bags are packed. Your ‘How to Keep the Kids Alive While I’m Gone’ speech has been delivered. Your anxiety is building, but your excitement is building faster. You step out into the cool morning air, coffee in hand, and slip into your Uber. You’re headed out on a rare solo mission. And not the […]

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Hiding in the pantry: we've all been there!

This 34-second video has been featured by People, The Huffington Post, and it has gone viral on social media, with over 3.2 million views on Facebook alone. So what makes it so compelling? Moms everywhere can relate! Because sometimes we just want to hide in the pantry and eat a treat. The parents of quadruplets, Ashley and Tyson […]

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Funny Confessions of a Jewish Child at Christmas

With the chocolate money festival (Hanukkah) upon us, it is time to reminisce about growing up in northern Jew Jersey.  Back in the 70’s Hanukkah was a burgeoning holiday for jealous Jewish children begging their parents for presents.  My father reiterated time and again how Hanukkah was not traditionally a gift giving holiday and the […]

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