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Greetings from the Motherland!

Yesterday, I confirmed that I really am soft on the brain: I flew to Canada with my two children. Solo. My niece is getting married next week and my husband Jamie could not take the time off work to attend. To be honest, I thought nothing of going it alone. Our recent trip to Mexico […]

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The Witness

A common conundrum plagues the male species. We don’t listen. Our women know we don’t listen. They use this knowledge against us so artfully that it has become mere reflex; so much so that they don’t even realize they do it. How many times do you hear this exchange? “Honey. Did you drop off the […]

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Thank Goodness It’s Friday! What will you be doing this weekend? I know what I will be doing. Or rather, how I will be acting. The following conversation took place in the car after an accusation was made by Hunky Hubby. Amber: Do you really think I’m bossy? Jamie [diplomatically]: Only on Saturdays. Amber: Hadley, […]

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Dumb and Dumber: Mile-High Style

There are some mornings when I wakeup and feel indomitable. Coincidentally, these are the same mornings I received minimal sleep. The result is a veritable delusion of grandeur. I had a summer of these. Hey, why not climb limp crawl up Colorado’s highest peak? Or better yet, let’s bike 24 miles in the mountains hauling […]

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What, your baby doesn't cry?

  • 19 Sep, 2007
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Why do people turn to stare at crying children? And instead of giving the child (or the attending parent) a sympathetic smile and then going about their business, why do people KEEP staring? Unless you have telekinetic powers that will stop my child from crying, please – I’m saying this as nicely as I know […]

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A Mile High Mamas Welcome

A couple of years ago, a friend invited me to join her playgroup at Bellview Park. It was a glorious sunny day, the kind you relish as you watch your 1-year-old test out her wobbly legs like a baby bird taking flight. As the mothers talked freely, the children played. They splashed in the stream, […]

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On Becoming Three

My husband Bryan and I never thought we would have kids. Seriously. Never. I never babysat, was never was good with children – never had that “spark” so many people have that make children simply adhere themselves as if they were a giant felt board. In 2000, we had a large family reunion in Germany. […]

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My First Lesson in Parenthood: Thou Must Confront

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I hate confrontation. And I’m quite envious of those who don’t. If you’re someone who can describe the act of confrontation as “unpleasant yet do-able,” I’ve just added you to the list of people I highly regard. I stand in awe of the people who actually derive pleasure from a knock-down, drag-out argument. This is […]

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The Many Titles of Mom

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As I think about my busy life as a mother of three kids and all that a mom has to do to keep the ball rolling, I realize moms have so many titles. There are the regular ones such as Mom the Cook. Mom the Nurse. Mom the Teacher and Mom the Chauffeur. There are […]

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