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Hilarity Ensues With "He's Not Just That Into You" Contest Winners

[photopress:cupid_1_2_3.jpg,thumb,pp_image]Mile High Mamas asked and you delivered. A couple of weeks ago, we issued the challenge for you to share a time when you found out “He’s Just Not That Into You.” We picked our three favorites who received reserved seats to the movie’s pre-screening. We are also publishing their entries here today. Christie Lawrence […]

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Chromosomal Values

Clearly, my son has both gender chromosomes. I know this theoretically thanks to my 8th grade science teacher, Mr O’Connor. But I have recently been able to see it for myself as well. First, the Y: “Mommy, which weapons can I bring to school?” (Now, don’t go judging me to be a pistol-packing mama. Our […]

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Relationship dynamics--what are yours?

This may come as a surprise to you but I can be high-strung. Or maybe this is not so shocking to those who know me. I married a great man who is easy going. I have known from the get-go part of what makes our relationship work so well is how we balance each other […]

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Keystone for Kiddos and Learning to "Ski Like a Girl"

I grew up with O.S.S. (Only-Sister Syndrome), which often became S.O.S. when participating in sports with my ultra-competitive brothers. The biggest slam to my ego was when they accused me of doing anything “like a girl.” But here’s the deal: last week at Keystone Resort, I “skied like a girl” and loved every minute of […]

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Hot Topic: Spring Sports

The snow has barely finished melting but spring keeps arriving in my mailbox, with offers to sign my kids up for all sorts of sports. Spring sports sign ups are happening – What are your experiences with soccer, t-ball, flag football, etc? How “scheduled” are your kids?

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Still a Cow Town?

  • 28 Jan, 2009
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When I announced to my former co-workers in New York that I was moving to Denver, I was pleasantly surprised by their reactions. Even though many of them were born-and-bred New Yorkers who would never think of leaving the city, several commented, almost wistfully, “You know, if I ever left New York, Denver would be […]

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Hands-On Mom?

“Dear God –” my mom prayed when I was 2 years old and she was pregnant with my middle sister. You might think she prayed for a certain gender, for a healthy baby, for an easy delivery. But her prayer was along different lines: “Please make this baby not persnickety about its hands the way […]

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How Did You Know "He's Just Not That Into You" Contest!

[photopress:HJNT1.jpg,full,pp_image]Valentine’s Day is a time for many lovers to rejoice and for singles to ignore. Hate it or love it, we all agree that the path to true love is not always smooth. Mile High Mamas is teaming up with the sure-to-be hit movie He’s Just Not that Into You to bring you a contest […]

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Resolution #78: Giving credit where credit is due

  • 14 Jan, 2009
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I had always thought of myself as a fairly conscientious human being before meeting my husband. I balanced my checkbook regularly. I carried a flashlight in my glove box and stayed away from people knowingly infested with flu germs. I voted. I payed taxes. I used my turn signals, visited my dentist biannually, and applied […]

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How Chicks Who Click Are Changing Society

I received my first email account in a college Communications class back in 1994. While I thought it was innovative to interact electronically with my classmates and professor, I did not know anyone else who was online. I decided then and there this Internet thing was just a fad. I assure you it is the […]

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