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A mother of the year's (scary) nighttime confession

In preparation for a Halloween party last Friday, I trolled music videos on YouTube. I found many classics like Monster Mash and Ghostbusters but the king of them all is, of course, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  My kids gathered around my computer. My 10-year-old Hadley was so engrossed she watched it twice while 8-year-old Bode was […]

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Trunk or Treat FAIL

Last year I took my kids to a Trunk-or-Treat at a nearby high school. The event had been advertised for almost a month and promised treats, fun and games. I naturally assumed it would be a good fit for my two-year-old. A nice introduction to understanding the rewards for having to wear itchy ladybug antennae. […]

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"You poked my heart" cute kid video goes viral

In the latest kids-say-the-darndest things on YouTube, three young children argue whether it’s “raining” or “sprinkling.”  The boy becomes increasingly frustrated until the culmination around the 1:30 mark when the girl emphasizes her point by poking the boy’s chest. Here’s the thing, kids: you’re all correct. I’m thinking their next weather report should be a […]

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Mom Confessions: What's in YOUR Purse?

We all do it, moms. The purse clean-out. It may come at the beginning of a new season when it’s time to switch purses or at random. I was so entertained by the contents of my own purse that I thought I would share it. Apparently I would never survive on a deserted island, but […]

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Preschool: A Transition from ABC to X+Y=Z

Preschool started for us a couple weeks ago. By “us,” I mean my kids started school—obviously I’m not in preschool. If I was, it wouldn’t be so bad. Because it’s preschool. Right now, school is all about rules and boundaries and fine motor skills. But, soon it’ll be about geography and geometry, which have no […]

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A potty training descent into hell and the realization I am not above bribing a mouse

I could write volumes upon volumes of books about potty training the most stubborn kid on the planet. I’m a few years removed from the trauma but believe me,  it was bad. As in we-went-to-seminars-at-the-Colorado-Children’s-Hospital-and-later-to-a-specialist kind of bad. (Read about our descent into hell here). My friend’s recent announcement of how thrilled she was her […]

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