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Preschool: A Transition from ABC to X+Y=Z

Preschool started for us a couple weeks ago. By “us,” I mean my kids started school—obviously I’m not in preschool. If I was, it wouldn’t be so bad. Because it’s preschool. Right now, school is all about rules and boundaries and fine motor skills. But, soon it’ll be about geography and geometry, which have no […]

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A potty training descent into hell and the realization I am not above bribing a mouse

I could write volumes upon volumes of books about potty training the most stubborn kid on the planet. I’m a few years removed from the trauma but believe me,  it was bad. As in we-went-to-seminars-at-the-Colorado-Children’s-Hospital-and-later-to-a-specialist kind of bad. (Read about our descent into hell here). My friend’s recent announcement of how thrilled she was her […]

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Kids: You Say You Want a Revolution?

I’m beginning to understand why ideas and education are the first things to be controlled in oppressive regimes. Education leads to…thoughts. Ideas. Connections. Expression. Discussion. And yes, Revolution. I, being the Head Mama around here, am in a position of Exalted and Sovereignly Great Dictator. Especially when the playroom and bedrooms look like they’ve been […]

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Teetering on Thin Ice--When Friendships Save

There are three words whose perfection and beauty are unsurpassed in the English language: NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. (What? Did you think I was going to be a sentimental fool and profess something sappy like “I love you?”) I have been mechanically-challenged my entire life. I will admit it is part laziness, part impatience, part knowing […]

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