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Allergy Sufferers Unite with The Big, Ugly Cry

It’s that time of year that I dread: allergy season. Actually, the ironic thing about fall and spring (when my allergies are at their worst) is they are my favorite seasons. But since I moved to Colorado, I am lambasted twice a year with miserable allergies which almost always lead to a sinus infection. I […]

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Leg shaving request today, navel piercing tomorrow?

In preparation for having children, I devoured books about how to take care of diaper rash. How to check for signs of dehydration. How to administer CPR on an infant. Once the children arrived and I felt like I’d mastered infancy, I sought out the books that discussed things like “how to raise confident girls” […]

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A motherhood warning: don't say it out loud!

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: you are sound asleep…the house is quiet…the sun is far from up…you have to pee…you decide to remain uncomfortable, knowing if you get out of bed, someone will pitter patter into the bathroom and start asking you to do stuff for them…you crack an eye open to check […]

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Are YOU Happy You're Fat?

On February 19th, I was making breakfast for my three kids when a story on the Today Show caught my ear. Being Thin Didn’t Make Me Happy, But Being ‘Fat’ Does. Joni Edelman (can I just call you Joni? We’re friends, right?  We really should be) dared to say what I think a lot of […]

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One Wheelchair, Three Butts: Date Night Gone Wrong

#1: Stitches The phone rang in the middle of Date Night during an episode of  Homeland, showing in our TV room. Kids Night Out was reporting that our son had crashed into metal bleachers while playing indoor tag. He had a gash on his leg that should be looked at. We shut down Carrie and the […]

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