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Man vs. Baby: Hilarious Dad Photoshops Baby

Tough week. Charlie’s mum’s maternity leave ended so “the person in our house who prevents fires etc. returned to work,” shares hilarious dad Matt Coyne on the Man vs Baby Facebook page. And what better way to comfort mum during this difficult time than by Photoshopping pictures of their son in less-than-appropriate locations and texting them to […]

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10 Ways to Give Your Kids a 1970s Summer

I don’t know how I missed this amazing blog post from Huffington Post Parents when it first made the rounds but it has resurfaced on Facebook again and for good reason: it’s downright hilarious. If you haven’t read this hilarious article yet, STOP everything you are doing and read it now. Melissa Fenton, a mother of […]

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Viral video sums up parenting in 19 seconds

We’ve allllllll been there. In a video labeled on YouTube as the “Most Patient Dad Ever,” we see in 19 seconds what every parent goes through during the daily grind called parenthood. I mean, you can only hear the same question (“why?”) so many times before you want to scream. P.S. He is frosting a cake. In […]

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A Note From My Toddler on Household Chores

Hello, Mother. I see you think this afternoon’s activities will including cleaning. I tell you now, woman, that should not—nay!—will not transpire. You think you can trick me into allowing you to clean? Do you not remember the incident of just thrice nights ago? Did I not best Sir Thomas of Sodor in single combat? […]

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Humor: Scott Sterling's Painful Return to Studio C!!

My kids are moderately obsessed with the sketch-comedy show Studio C, one of BYUtv’s most popular original series. It’s the perfect blend of corny, cute and clean with memorable characters like Scott Sterling, the Bisque Man, and the Awkward Avoidance Viking. Studio C’s Scott Sterling is BACK defending his team in the Volleyball Championship. And as […]

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